Friday, May 31, 2013

Girl from the streets trying to look smart

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A pair of plimsolls, skinny jeans and a baggy jumper is usually my dress code, so when the thought of dressing smart for an interview came to my head I had no idea what to do next, except shopping. Retail therapy and a dig through my existing wardrobe definitely helped me feel confident for the interview overall - and guess who got the job ;)
  • Yes, I had an important interview
  • Yes, I needed some smart wear asap
  • Yes, I was ready to splash out
  • No, wait, stop.. Don't forget what you already have waiting for you at home!
Stripe Pencil Skirt - New Look £14.99 | Blazer - New Look £19.99 | Peplum Top - New Look £9.99 |  Shoe Boots - New Look £19.99
I feel like a bit of a New Look junkie now that I've just realised the whole outfit is from New Look. I thought I would leave town with an empty purse but I only ended up spending £24.98. I already had a blazer and shoes to go with the outfit but I've added links in the caption just incase anyone is interested.

I usually wear a stack of bracelets or no jewellery at all, so this 'smart look' didn't make me compromise too much in the accessories section.

Pouch Bag - Peacocks £12 | Watch - River Island £28
I purchased this watch a year and half ago, you can believe I wore it like crazy and then let it rot in a pile of unwanted poor jewellery soon after. It felt great to wear this watch, felt like a statement piece with this smart outfit.

Have you got/had interviews? What is your ideal outfit? I hope you're considering making more use out of older pieces of clothing and accessories too!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another tea break?!

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I've had an obsession with hot drinks for as long as I can remember, but back when I was hooked on coffee I always had my mum moaning about how bad it was for me. These days my mum's curious about what's in my mug!

Lately I've been trying many different types of tea (now that I've scrapped the coffee), I even find myself standing in the tea aisle longer than people usually would, oops. It's hard to resist the temptation of emptying the shelves whenever I'm simply 'browsing'.

So what am I trying out or obsessed with right now?

  • Nescafe Skinny Mocha: hmm as much as I love the mocha from Costa, this mocha just ain't doing it for me. Hopefully someone else will finish it for me..
  • Tea India Masala Chai: this is my biggest addiction of all, would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to try this! I used to take out a pan and make tea the Indian way all the time until I discovered this tea. Athough they are two different tastes I definitely don't mind compromising the effort I used to make for the traditional tea.
  • Twinings Lemon & Ginger: this is literally like a hot cup of ginger beer (minus the sparkling fizzy part). 
  • Twinings Orange & Lotus flower: I'm more of 'lemon green tea' person, so I feel like I'm treating myself when I have this one! It's nice and sweet.
  • Twinings Chai: as I'm such a massive fan of Tea India I would pick their Masala Chai over this Chai without a minute to think, BUT this did keep me going while I had ran out of Tea India.. Can't slaught it completely I guess.
  • Clipper Green tea with Lemon: Lord knows how many cups I've had of this?! I've been purchasing this for what feels like years! Well, after going through about 10 other brands of lemon green tea. Call me fussy if you'd like but I struggled so much to finally find the perfect green tea. I drink between 1-3 cups of this tea everyday. I always find myself rushing to the cabinet to fetch for this, especially when I've ate more than I should of!
  • Clipper Sleep Easy: this is my most recent purchase - as I've been struggling to sleep lately I thought why not buy this (any excuse ay!) So far I'm not too sure whether it's actually helps, but I don't mind sipping on something sweet in attempt to fall asleep anyway
Other favourites you should defintely try out: 
Costa: Caramel Latte, Mocha and Honeycomb Hot Choc which I believe is limited edition for Christmas *patiently waits for Christmas*
Starbucks: Chai Tea Latte

Do you have an addiction to hot cuppas? What's your favourite hot drink?! Let me know and I'll be more than to try them out! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maybe on a nicer day?

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This outfit photo was taken yesterday on a much nicer day - everyone knows how heartbreaking England weather can be, you have lovely sunny days and then wake up to a gloomy rainy day!

Jacket: Unknown | T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins | Skirt & Dolly Shoes: New Look | Bracelets: River Island & Homeless Heroes Charity

I love wearing a long skirt on a sunny day, my legs feel blessed with the breeze! You know what I mean right ladies?!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Is that a graze?

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I had only gone to buy a couple whiteboard markers at WHSmith and ended up with a box of healthy goodies! So they gave me voucher to get my first Graze box for free. Usually I can resist such temptations, but I've always wanted to try something similar to this so I thought why not, plus I have nothing to lose as it's free!

So I registered on the site and was given the options to "bin" foods which I may not particularly like, or ask them to send things which I would like soon. As soon as it came through I told myself I must avoid finishing it all off in an instant to save it for a blog post, BUT I couldn't stop myself from eating the "honeycomb crunch" right away (it finished too easily and quickly in my opinion, yum)

The box came with four different types of snacks, with two booklets; one about Graze and one with four vouchers for your friends which either enables them to gain their first box for free, for you to get a £1 off or you also have the option to give that money as a donation to charity. I found the packaging so adorable and cute, as there was a tissue underneath the snacks, and a cute background of grass (although you can't see it, sorry!) Overall I would recommend you'd go try Graze, even if it's just the once!

Oh and this is not a sponsored post. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Month of Freedom

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Hey anyone reading this,

So after 7 months of intense job hunting and being bored with too much free time, I finally have a job offer! Seeing as I have just over a month till I actually start I thought instead of continuing to struggle to pass time, why not spend this month doing things I don't usually do..

So here it starts I guess.. New blog, learning to drive, losing weight until I'm happy with myself, and learning new things. Join my miniature journey to the real life.. And why not start something new too?