Saturday, May 4, 2013

Is that a graze?

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I had only gone to buy a couple whiteboard markers at WHSmith and ended up with a box of healthy goodies! So they gave me voucher to get my first Graze box for free. Usually I can resist such temptations, but I've always wanted to try something similar to this so I thought why not, plus I have nothing to lose as it's free!

So I registered on the site and was given the options to "bin" foods which I may not particularly like, or ask them to send things which I would like soon. As soon as it came through I told myself I must avoid finishing it all off in an instant to save it for a blog post, BUT I couldn't stop myself from eating the "honeycomb crunch" right away (it finished too easily and quickly in my opinion, yum)

The box came with four different types of snacks, with two booklets; one about Graze and one with four vouchers for your friends which either enables them to gain their first box for free, for you to get a £1 off or you also have the option to give that money as a donation to charity. I found the packaging so adorable and cute, as there was a tissue underneath the snacks, and a cute background of grass (although you can't see it, sorry!) Overall I would recommend you'd go try Graze, even if it's just the once!

Oh and this is not a sponsored post. 


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