Friday, May 31, 2013

Girl from the streets trying to look smart

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A pair of plimsolls, skinny jeans and a baggy jumper is usually my dress code, so when the thought of dressing smart for an interview came to my head I had no idea what to do next, except shopping. Retail therapy and a dig through my existing wardrobe definitely helped me feel confident for the interview overall - and guess who got the job ;)
  • Yes, I had an important interview
  • Yes, I needed some smart wear asap
  • Yes, I was ready to splash out
  • No, wait, stop.. Don't forget what you already have waiting for you at home!
Stripe Pencil Skirt - New Look £14.99 | Blazer - New Look £19.99 | Peplum Top - New Look £9.99 |  Shoe Boots - New Look £19.99
I feel like a bit of a New Look junkie now that I've just realised the whole outfit is from New Look. I thought I would leave town with an empty purse but I only ended up spending £24.98. I already had a blazer and shoes to go with the outfit but I've added links in the caption just incase anyone is interested.

I usually wear a stack of bracelets or no jewellery at all, so this 'smart look' didn't make me compromise too much in the accessories section.

Pouch Bag - Peacocks £12 | Watch - River Island £28
I purchased this watch a year and half ago, you can believe I wore it like crazy and then let it rot in a pile of unwanted poor jewellery soon after. It felt great to wear this watch, felt like a statement piece with this smart outfit.

Have you got/had interviews? What is your ideal outfit? I hope you're considering making more use out of older pieces of clothing and accessories too!


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